About Us

Many years ago I went to Spain.

I actually went with 22 other chaps on a rugby tour to Barcelona .

We had a very boring time playing scrabble and knitting . Then, one of our team suggested we go to the local hostelry across the road from the monastery we were staying in which just happened to sell beer. As all 23 rugby tourers were very naive and had never ventured into a bar selling alcohol before we thought we would participate of the local regions beer. We had already had a kitty whip round and with the money we had raised were able to afford a large glass which was shared by all.

It was a sunny day so somehow it slipped down quite easily. We only hung around for the one as we knew we had to be in bible classes so did not want to be late.

Unfortunately, as we were about to leave we realised that we could be late when one of our team, I think it was one of the front row, issued those immortal words “Have You Got One”? Well, blow me down, we all realised that we didn’t have one!!

I could give you a load of rubbish about “I had a vision that I have only done this for my children, my great grandchildren and neighbour’s dog”. But who is going to believe that?

So, the fact that you have reached the bottom of this terrible tale shows that you are prepared to read my crap. All I can say is that you have come to the right site to find goods and spend your hard earned cash and pick the best bargains on the net.

God bless you all

Quentin Thrustbucket