New drill bits that are diamond tipped and Suitable for use to drill holes in glass, marble, tiles, granite, slate, glass gems or porcelain. We have 2mm, 3mm which can be used with a dremel or 4mm + sizes for conventional drill. 2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm come as 10 per pack for only £8.99 = £0.89 each...

For best results please add water for cooling down.

We use a conventional drill at a slow speed and if it’s possible to keep the item you are drilling under water all the time it will extend the usage of the drill bit. We have managed to drill through 30 glass gems with a 3mm drill bit and it still has life in it!!

2mm X 10 per pack - 42MM long 30MM Shank
3mm X 10 per pack - 50MM long 47MM Shank
4mm X 10 per pack - 44MM long 40MM Shank
5mm X 10 per pack - 50MM long 46MM Shank

We can also Mix up packs - Please enquire

Wholesale Enquiries Welcome

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Diamond tip drill bits - suitable for Dremel drills - 10 per pack. 2-3-4mm

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